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Please be advised that I am now FULLY VACCINATED (Yay!).  While I still ask my friends (previous or new) to take all precautions possible (please see below for more guidelines), please be aware of the following :  If you feel more comfortable having me take a COVID-19 test two days prior to our meeting, please add $50 to your appointment fee to help cover the cost of testing. I'm happy to make you feel comfortable, but as everyone knows, testing will take time out my day!  Thank you for your understanding, while we all get back to normal!

While we are all experiencing a New Normal, PLEASE BE ADVISED of the Following:

  • All appointments will be on a very select basis; Incall and Outcall are available

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - alert me ASAP if you're feeling sick or any symptoms that might compromise our mutual safety.  I understand things can be out of our control, but communication is paramount, and if you need to cancel for safety reasons, please let me know.

  • When you arrive, please arrive protected - mask, gloves, etc - then remove and leave by the door.

  • Please leave the donation on the bathroom counter while you are freshening up.

  • I will have a temperature screening device with us to use when you arrive.

  • I am happy to alter the activities in the session to make you feel more comfortable from a safety/health standpoint.

  • For the following 2 weeks post date, I will alert you if I get sick in anyway, and promptly get tested and share my results. I ask that you show me the same courtesy. 

  • These new measure are for YOUR comfort and safety, as well as for MINE.

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